May 2017 Goals


I am one of those people that needs goals to work on in my life. If I don’t have goals I get bored and can’t see the bigger picture. Also, I’m extremely competitive, so having goals makes it easier for me to see that I am “winning”. It’s an awful thing, maybe next month I will add it as a goal to be less competitive… but then I can’t “win”… yeah, we’re definitely going to need to table that discussion until next month!

With my competitiveness further being reiterated, I’ve decided to write them down and share them. Having it actually written down can make it easier for me to be accountable and look back at the end of the month. Check out my goals for May:

1. Swim 2 days a week

I’ve always been an AWFUL swimmer (Think doggy-paddle mixed with a dolphin kick, but I truly rock the mermaid swim for about 2 feet – I feel like it’s impressive, although others don’t believe me). The funny part is that I have been constantly asked if I am a swimmer. I guess being 6 feet with decent shoulders/arms gets the question of are you a) volleyball player, b) basketball player, or c) swimmer. Apparently tall people have the stereotype of not being artistic, but I can complain about that another day. Anyways, I’ve always wanted to be a better swimmer, and even signed up for a sprint marathon 5 years ago to push myself to swim. Regretfully, I didn’t actually end up doing it because when I tried to swim, I panicked because I couldn’t breath and then the doggy-paddle, dolphin kick didn’t save the day (can’t imagine why!) My friend invited me to go to her masters swim at 5:30 am and I realized that this is my chance! Now that I have gone once or twice in April, I’ve decided to make the commitment of swimming 2 times a week to get better at it in May (This may also contribute to working on my figure – let’s me honest, swimsuit season is here!)

2. Go to Crossfit 6 days a week

This is an easy one for me, because there’s rarely a day that I miss going to crossfit. However, I feel like I should write it down that I will go 6 days a week, because the 6th day can be a bit of a challenge sometimes.

3. Bike to work 2 days a week

The weather is finally nice enough that I don’t have any excuse! However, I’m making it 2 days a week because 2 of the days I’m also going to be swimming, and I’d prefer NOT to swim, bike, AND crossfit in one day (I’m crazy, but I do have a limit). And that one day during the week is my wiggle room for possibly driving instead.

4. Eat REAL foods for 80% of the time

Food and I have been on a long journey together. I’ll maybe write about this another time. However, I think I’m finally starting to find a maintainable balance with food. I’m finding that my stomach is sensitive to some things, which is helping get my lifestyle eating easier, but I’m not perfect. I’ve found that if I can eat real foods during the week, and then I have a day on the weekend to splurge, I feel better in my body and mentality. However, I can’t go overboard with eating ice cream and donuts (my downfall). It does help that I’m finding I have a dairy sensitivity… I’m trying to take it as a positive!

5. Listen to my body on portion control

This can be a whole post, but high level, if I’m full, I’m going to try and stop eating. Growing up, I was under the firm belief that you finished everything on your plate. Now, I’m finding that I don’t need to do that to be full and that there’s nothing wrong with saving food for later.

6. Read a book

My work started a book club and it has been the encouragement I need to read a whole book in a month. This month, we’re reading Tribal Leadership. If I like it, I’ll be sure to share my findings!

7. Try something new

I used to be REALLY good about trying new things. However, I think that I’m starting to fall of the wagon on this one a bit. This month, I want to try an experience that I have never tried before. Some possible ideas are aerial silk, pilates, a cultural festival (I think the Polish festival is happening in the Bay again this year, and I loved it last year!) Or possibly hiking in a new place. Not sure, but it will be amazing!

8. Write and share a blog post once a week

I have truly been lacking on writing and posting. Well, I’ve actually written a couple of posts, but I didn’t like them. I’m putting it on the books that I must write AND share a blog post once a week.

9. One night a week not watch TV (I gotta start small, ok?)

I have a habit of when I come home, I have dinner and watch a quick episode of something on Netflix. It’s my time to relax and decompress. However, I have so many other things I should be using my time for! I could be taking a walk, eating outside, or anything else! (ahem, see number 6 or 8 for options of other things to do). Point being: I want to start small with putting on the list that I will not watch any TV one evening a week. We can re evaluate the cadence next month!

10. Do 3 shoots this month

I model in my spare time. However, I haven’t been as motivated to do shoots. I’m not sure if it’s the projects aren’t exciting me, or I’m just not willing to put in the work to arrange everything with photographers (you have no idea how much goes into those amazing shots you see so easily posted on instagram or Facebook). So, my goal will be to do at least 3 shoots this month. I’m not sure what projects I will do, but maybe I can share some of the photos here when they are finished!

Just working on my Fitness!

Ten things seems like a reasonable amount of goals for a month. I suppose we shall see if I was able to stick to them this month or if I’ll need to re evaluate and change them next month. All in all, I hope you are having an amazing start to your May and out and about enjoying the warmer weather! I’d love to hear any goals that you think would be great to add for next month!


5 thoughts on “May 2017 Goals

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  1. Wow! You’ve got a lot going on. Amazing. I feel you on the competitive nature. That’s why not having goals feels so incomplete!


  2. Great goals! I bought a goal planner for the year and it’s been a lifesaver. I can make daily, weekly, and monthly goals. I hang it up where I can make sure to see it every day. 10 seems like a great number and I love the one night a week without TV. Haha! You gotta start somewhere (one would be my starter, too!)


  3. Wow these are amazingly lofty goals and inspiring! I feel you on the cutting down on TV watching… a little goes a long way!


  4. I think these are great goals! I’m a list person myself, it makes me feel better to see it written down and like I have to do it. Good luck!


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